Ep1 Month in Review with The Spiritual Bogan pt1

Ep1 Month in Review with The Spiritual Bogan pt1

I have interviewed a lot of people, over a lot of years so I probably should have started a podcast a lot of years ago, but I’m doing it now and it is called WTFRUdoing?

This first one is an eavesdrop on the month in review, which is a regular thing I do with my former housemate and all round fucking ledge, Cimba aka The Spiritual Bogan.

It is available on iTunes and all the other places

Topics covered include…

• Achievements last month
• The empowerment of being comfortable with your own company
• ‘Productive’ procrastination & forms of self-sabotage
• Barriers created by titles
• Creating space & noting frustrations
• Staying in Flow vs meeting expectations
• Checking out due to overwhelm
• Listing things….to ignore them
• Why is it easier to be accountable to other people than ourselves
• Why making big, even positive changes, can feel like mourning
• When you grow out of the kind of fun you have in your 20s, how do you redefine fun?

p.s Download it, listen to it, comment on it, double speed it, do whatever you want with it.

p.p.s you are amazing

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